Gayette Technology Communications

Waiting for potential customers to passively look your way doesn’t build an online business. To get and keep attention, you need smart content that speaks to your audience. Content that educates them about how your products and services solve their problems.

Because telling your story, building relationships, and earning business are what it’s about, right?

That’s where I can help. I’ve spent over 20 years working in technology, marketing, and content writing.

I have a knack for turning complex information into easy-to-read content for technical and nontechnical audiences. I’m a quick learner and a clear, engaging communicator.

Who are my clients? Software companies, B2B resellers, technology marketers and consultants, and industry blogs.

You won’t often see my name attached to the words. I’m a ghostwriter, which means the work is usually attributed to someone else. But if you’d like a sample or two, check out my posts over at PTC, linked below.

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Don’t Compromise When You Buy Engineering Calculation Software

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