About Me

For more than twenty years, I’ve worked with small businesses, international corporations, federal and state government, healthcare, education, startups, cooperatives, and non-profits.

My technology experience includes web design, technical documentation, printer and laptop repair, help desk team building, and the care and feeding of enterprise servers.

In marketing, I do branding strategy, content, email marketing, social media management, and a small bit of design work.

Through all this, I’ve learned how to bridge the communication divides in B2C and B2B relationships. To translate complex concepts and break them down for non-technical audiences. To write blog posts that build trust, viewership, and leads.

My complete resume is available on LinkedIn.

I live in North Dakota with my family, my trusty snow blower, and four quirky dogs (sizes XS, S, M, and XL). Free time is spent at the local Humane Society as a dog walker, cat entertainer, and quarterly newsletter editor.